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Please welcome Christina Henry to The Qwillery. Alice, Christina's most recent novel, was published on August 4th by Ace.
Teen Victorian fairy fight club! As the illegitimate daughter of a Naval Captain, Artemesia has never fit in with her father's family, nor the high class ...
Marvel X-Men Annual Poison-X Crossover with Venom War Machine, Marvel X
"Golgo 13 [Hyperbolic] Physical Observations" by Carl Horn Snake Eyes, It
Please welcome Ian Stuart Sharpe to The Qwillery as part of the 2018 Debut Author Challenge Interviews. The All Father Paradox was published on October 9, ...
Two centuries after the Salem witch trials, there's still one witch left in Massachusetts. But she doesn't even know it.
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Richard has this to say about Daniela:
Morgan's legend as a carousing, hard fighting ambitious man lived far beyond his passing, providing fertile soil for Afloat with Henry Morgan to sprout from ...
The Big Lebowski poster by Tyler Stout
TH CAMLT CHAI is expecte t register a 0% sales increase in 1984
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“If The Silent Companions lands on your night table, don't plan on leaving your bed anytime soon.” —Lyndsay Faye, bestselling author of Jane Steele
You may remember a few weeks ago that I had started Raptor which is the 6th book in Lindsay Buroker's Dragon Blood series. In this instalment Lieutenant ...
Vivian doesn't feel like she fits in — and never has. As a child, she was so whimsical that her parents told her she was “left by fairies.
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A thrilling debut from ER doctor turned novelist Tom Miller, The Philosopher's Flight is an epic historical fantasy set in a World-War-I-era America where ...
The Qwillery: 'The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection' Arrives December 5th
Goku and Jiren 1st Battle | Manga style
Cindy by JuneJenssen on DeviantArt Cindy Aurum, Avatar, Drawing Girls, Final Fantasy Xv
Henry VIII was the best and bloodiest King ever to have sat on the throne of England. This fast-paced, exciting, gory, inventive and just plain gross ...
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dexter's laboratory by pure1water on DeviantArt
Comic Book Stores, Bookstores and Libraries Across the Globe Will Offer Special Exclusives, Fan Giveaways, Signing Events and Digital Promotions to Honor ...
The Qwillery: Nintendo Download, March 8, 2018: Trek to Freedom and a New Frontier
In this debut novel and series starter, the last member of a murdered House searches for a missing nobleman, and uncovers clues about his own tortured past.
I am a backer of GENIUS LOCI which is edited by Jaym Gates. You may check out the Kickstarter here. GENIUS LOCI has been funded and reached the Deluxe ...
Mars destroyed his ship — but gave him a new one. Mars drafted his Mage — for the good of humanity! He should have known that wouldn't be the end of it…
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No one holds a grudge quite like a faerie .
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The Qwillery: Nintendo Download, October 19, 2017: Ready, Aim, Fire Emblem!
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Please welcome Cameron Johnston to The Qwillery, as part of the 2018 Debut Author Challenge Interviews. The Traitor God was published on June 5th by Angry ...
The Qwillery: Telltale's Batman: The Enemy Within Season Finale Premieres March 27 Across All Platforms
Image: Batman the New Animated Series Action Figure 32: Ventriloquist & Scarface - DC
The View From Monday - November 5, 2018
Please welcome Alexandra Oliva to The Qwillery as part of the 2016 Debut Author Challenge Interviews. The Last One was published on July 12th by Ballantine ...
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The Qwillery: Simon Belmont from Castlevania and King K. Rool from Donkey Kong Country Join the Cast of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Clicking on a novel's cover will take you to its Amazon page.
Kill or Be Killed
... en un mini-arco argumental que cerraba para siempre el “Manga” y continuaría en “Dragon Ball GT” con resultado sobradamente conocidos por los “Fans”.
The Qwillery: Interview with Rivers Solomon, author of An Unkindness of Ghosts
TQ: Welcome to The Qwillery. When and why did you start writing?
Cover A - Artwork by Alex Ross
LEVIATHAN #1 (Diamond Code JUN180012) hits stores on Wednesday, August 1st. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, July 9th.
The Empire has taken hold of the galaxy. Soon, with the completion of the Death Star, its control will be absolute. To prepare for the influx of military ...
Please welcome Scott Meyer to The Qwillery as part of the 2014 Debut Author Challenge Interviews. Off to Be the Wizard, Scott's debut, was published by ...
Please welcome Ruthanna Emrys to The Qwillery as part of the 2017 Debut Author Challenge Interviews. Winter Tide was published on April 4th by Tor.com.
The Qwillery: Nintendo Download, August 23, 2018: It's Monster Hunting Time!
"The Wild Inside is an unusual love story and a creepy horror novel — think of the Brontë sisters and Stephen King.
Please welcome Maria Vale to The Qwillery as part of the 2018 Debut Author Challenge Interviews. The Last Wolf was published on February 6th by Sourcebooks ...
The Qwillery: Nintendo Download, October 11, 2018: The World Downloads with You
Please welcome Thomas Olde Heuvelt to The Qwillery as part of the 2016 Debut Author Challenge Interviews. HEX was published on April 26th by Tor Books.
Please welcome Isabelle Steiger to The Qwillery as part of the 2017 Debut Author Challenge Interviews. The Empire's Ghost was published on May 16th by ...
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--“PLANETSIDE is a smart and fast-paced blend of mystery and boots-in-the-dirt military SF that reads like a high-speed collision between Courage Under Fire ...
The Qwillery: Interview with Melodie Winawer and Review of The Scribe of Siena
WITCHBLADE #1 (Diamond Code OCT170557) hits stores on Wednesday, December 6th. The final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, November 13th.
The Qwillery: Interview with Christopher Ruocchio, author of Empire of Silence
“Hero of Despair,” a new warrior-type Legend Job themed after the One-Winged Angel, will also be available to summon. Previews showing each of these jobs in ...
Crash mania continues with today's pre-order kick off for a new Crash figure. This 9” vinyl, painted statue is created by First4Figures, ...
“Dragon Ball Minus”, a diferencia de “Jaco, the Galactic Patrolman”, muestra un Toriyama cansado, dejado y que no hace los deberes mínimos al recordar su ...
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Diseases related to Spasticity
Please welcome Bee Ridgway to The Qwillery as part of the 2013 Debut Author Challenge Interviews. The River of No Return was published on April 23, 2013.