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Isla Blair as Sinofar in the episode Duel from the first series of
Isla Blair as Sinofar in the episode Duel from the first series of Blake's 7. BBC Television, 1978
Blake's 7: Duel
duel 01. Round two of ...
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"Blake's 7" Duel (TV Episode 1978) - IMDb
Patsy Smart and Isla Blair in Duel, an episode from Blake's 7. BBC TV 1978
We're standing in front of a blue screen."
This seems to be one of the most renowned season one episodes, although I'm not sure how much of that is to do with its similarity to Star Trek's Arena and ...
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Isla Blair (Isabella in The King's Demons and memorable in the BBC adaption of Michael Dobbs' The Final Cut) is a vision in a white dress notable for its ...
"Blake's 7" Breakdown (TV Episode 1978) - IMDb
The visual effect of the Keeper on the Liberator screen is the same as that used for the Voc's-eye-view in The Robots of Death. The gist of the situation on ...
Isla Blair really does have amazing knockers. Blake's shows off some really crummy doodling to illustrate his planned responsive manoeuvre to Travis.
Isla Blair in Battle of Britain. 1969
... BLAKE-039-S-7-ISLA-BLAIR-as-Sinofar-
Alien 3 Bande-annonce 1
It also guest-starred Isla Blair and Patsy Smart as two powerful aliens, Sinofar and Giroc.
... that the reason for Blake, Jenna and Gan first popping down to the planet is to “get some exercise”. Which is cut short by Travis' attack. Isla Blair ...
Every episode needs at least one great Avon moment, and this one sees him manage to be both acidic and to intimate that he does care at least a little about ...
For the third week in a row Jenna gets jealous of Blake, discussing Isla Blair.
BLAKE'S 7 - DAVID BAILIE, as Chevner - Autograph Card, Unstoppable Cards 2013
Even when separated, the irreconcilable positions held by Avon and Blake continue to be emphasised. The latter views the Federation as corrupt and ...
"Can I get you any sandwiches while you're waiting?"
Isla Blair
Isla Blair, Peter Bowles, George Cole and Rosalind Ayres in The Bounder. Yorkshire Television, 1982
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ISLA BLAIR (born in signed x still of Taste the blood of Dracula in black felt tip …
Isla Blair in The Liars. Granada Television, 1966
Isla Blair in The Crezz. Thames TV. 1976
RT Blake 7 main pic
Isla Blair
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1 of 2FREE Shipping BLAKE'S 7 - ISLA BLAIR, as Sinofar - Autograph Card, Unstoppable Cards 2013
BLAKE'S 7 - MICHAEL TROUGHTON, as Pilot - Autograph Card, Unstoppable Cards 2013
photo Isla Blair Christopher Lee Hammer horror Taste the Blood of Dracula 2737-30 Vampiros
Despite awkward cast changes over the years – including the loss of Gareth Thomas and Sally Knyvette after series two – Blake's 7 ran for four series and 52 ...
Don Smith was on set again on 10th January 1978 to photograph episode eight, Duel. This was the second story to feature Stephen Greif as the Federation's ...
"Dracula Has Risen From The Grave" - Christopher Lee puts the bite on Isla Blair
Approaching a planet called Cephlon, the Liberator crew comes to the aid of a stricken ship. Avon, Jenna, Vila and Jenna teleport down to the surface to see ...
BLAKE'S 7 - MICHAEL BRIANT, Director - Autograph Card, Unstoppable Cards 2013
Isla Blair.
Isla Blair And William Mervyn in The Liars. Granada Television, 1966 Televisión En Color
The main plot – the hunt for Docholli – moves very slowly whilst the production design is somewhat on the tacky side. But since Robert Holmes' script is ...
Blake's 7 Servalan
This was for the fourth episode Time Squad, in which Blake, Avon and Vila first hooked up with Cally.
Blake's 7 8 Duel 2
orac 02
Isla Blair in Alpha Child, an episode in the Space 1999 series. ITC,
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BLAKE'S 7 - JAN CHAPELL as Cally - UNSIGNED Autograph Card - Unstoppable Cards
Pattie Boyd, Prue Bury & Isla Blair ~ London 1960s Pattie Boyd, Moda Blanca
But then some of the plotting of Comics is slightly suspect. We see the murdered man, Johnny Fratelli, walking past Anthony Fratelli's (Stephen Greif) car.
From our first sight of the primitives on Cephlon, it's plain they're not going to be great conversationalists (it's poor Jenna's fate to be mauled by them) ...
In the first two photos below the director of Time Squad Pennant Roberts appears in shot.
No prizes for guessing who comes out on top – backed by the Syd Lawrence Orchestra, Bassey's live vocal has all the punch and control that you'd expect.
Plus points, we get a brief smidgen of Kevin Stoney whilst Servalan placed under a little pressure is always good to see.
This is a good episode for Travis – especially since for once he doesn't have to run around after Servalan. Although even this early on it's easy to see ...
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All about Blake's 7
Redemption is a slightly odd way to kick off series two. Mainly because the first thirty minutes are Liberator bound, which gives it the feel of one of S1's ...
The Web has a rather creepy opening – albeit somewhat negated by the sight of Saymon. Poor Richard Beale has a pretty thankless role to play during this ...
Time Squad has two separate plotlines, neither of which are completely successful. The first five minutes or so, which takes place on the Liberator flight ...
Isla Blair in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. Strand Theatre
He still doesn't quite convince, but a calmer Travis is a better Travis for me. It seems barely credible that Servalan would ...
Taste the Blood of Dracula. Jonathan Secker (John Carson) prepares to impale Lucy
Despite the night-time, lightning-lashed setting, the opening sequence is very clearly shot on video (unlike the forest action scenes later).
If you've seen The Pirate Planet then you'll know what to expect from Bruce Purchase's Gola – except that the Captain had hidden depths, whilst there's no ...
A trio of menacing Federation guards (below) in Time Squad.
bounty 03
grange hill s03e16
shadow 03
The Liberator has travelled to an icy, inhospitable planet in order for Blake to make contact with the resistance leader Avalon (Julia Vidler).
... a little about the new spaceship they've “acquired” (and also tangled with the mysterious super-computer Zen) they set a course for the prison planet ...
I'm not sure if they were pick-ups, but there are a couple of scenes between Travis and his sexy Mutoid that were shot in studio against green screen.
The Citadel Part 4
The Liberator is en-route for Saurian Major. Blake explains that it's home to the Federation's transceiver complex. “It's a vital nerve centre in the ...
bounty 01
Following George Cole's recent death, I had a hankering to watch some episodes of Minder as a tribute. In the end I plumped for the seventh series – which ...
Dickie Henderson and Isla Blair in The Dickie Henderson Show. ITV, 1968 Televisión En
BLAKE'S 7 - STEPHEN GREIF, as Travis - Autograph Card - Unstoppable Cards 2013
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Isla Blair and John Carson in “Taste The Blood of Dracula”, 1970
Sacred Planet Bande-annonce 1
... loathing for Blake's moral rectitude when we get a scene like the one where he indulges in some pathetic self-recrimination over the loss of Cally.
breakdown 01
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A nicely twisted dystopian opener, even if there are a few plot points which have always niggled. Clearly the Federation's brainwashing process isn't ...