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Factorio Design Collection factorio t Design and Collection
Design / BlueprintI ...
Module 3's
This design takes in all trashed yellow belts and upgrades them to red. Between yellow and red factories:
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Chemical Processing Layout
Destroyer Capsules
Design / Blueprint0.15.x Processing Units with Beacons design ...
Rocket Defense Blueprint
Here is another design. It is 2 tiles shorter, and does not show leading zeroes.
Factorio Design Collection
Design / BlueprintProud of My First 0.15 Compact High-Tech Science Layout ...
If one wishes to only use blue belts the circuit and chest setup between red and blue factories could be changed to similar as between yellow and red ...
Factorio #7: Main Bus & Smart Furnace Design
Bits and bobs collected from reddit and discord, feel free to post your own creations and spaghetti madness here.
Factorio Design Collection - Imgur
Simple rectangular 4x science factory design ...
Module production
After a conversation with jcheung1994 I came up with a design using their idea as a basis. This design uses production modules which is sensible since a lot ...
After expanding my rail network for a bit i decided to upgrade from 2 to 4 lanes lines and I run into a problem with intersections.
Factorio Workshop - Building A Better Factory :: The1Wolf34's Smelter Design & Rails - YouTube
This design is meant to be easilly upgradeable for mid game when steel furnaces become available as shown on the next section.
EDIT:Like this guy!
Factorio Design Collection
Factorio is a game about building and creating automated factories to produce items of increasing complexity, within an infinite 2D world.
Factorio all science setup.jpg
Factorio: The End Of Management Games
Here's the design during the day, with the extra inserters removed. Note that it is disconnected from power, cause otherwise it'd be obscured by about a ...
Compact designs?
Factorio Design Collection
Water and oil come in from below and are divided among the columns. Then gas and HO are output to the right by each row separately and come together into a ...
[ IMG]
Once the first line train left, swooped around into the takein station to collect empty barrels, the second line train followed it without even stopping and ...
The ratio green:red:blue is close to 1:1:1, if you put a single speed 1 module in the red and green plant and add an extra cable plant it works out ...
So, I do know a thing or two about railway block working. Somehow this does not translate into Factorio at all. Once I got the second line's train running, ...
Also of possible interest is the compact perfect ratio 5 oil refinery 7 light oil cracking 1 heavy oil cracking design I created and is part of this ...
A Guide For Blue, Green, and Red Science Packs Production in Factorio
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... tick the bottom one, Fluids, and press F5 to see the oil level in the pipes/ just hoover over a pipe) because there's no logic circuits for fluids yet.
Compared to the last example we now have more items, therefore we need more smart chests. You see one chest for every item except copper and iron.
Factorio Guide – Green Science Pack Automation in a few minutes (updated with video)
You can build both those incrementally, starting with red and then adding green, blue and purple as you advance the technology.
Just want to say this: I have never in my life stayed up late to play a game. When reviewers say “I blinked and suddenly it was 3am!
Factorio Workshop - Building A Better Factory :: Oil Designs & Setups - YouTube
Factorio Compact Designs
See what a Factorio factory looks like after 500 hours of work | PC Gamer
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Design / Blueprint4 Reactor Setup that uses only the fuel cells it actually needs ...
Right now, the exchangers are in the 600+ °C range so I should have enough heat to be making steam.
chris coaching.jpg
Factorio Factory Layout
Meet Factorio, the wonderfully complex game about designing factories • Eurogamer.net
... and work your way up to complex assembly lines powered by nuclear reactors, staffed by robots, and launching satellites into orbit.
Don't hand-build more than one…
Factorio Uranium Mining Setup
Steam Community :: Guide :: Factorio: How to Build a Main Bus
Factorio is now available to pre-order for early alpha testing, with a free demo also available. Systems : PC, Mac, Linux
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Factorio Compact Designs
Factorio screenshot 3
Factorio 4 300x168 Factorio Early Access Spotlight: Man vs. Assembly Line
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The basic setup is done with blue factories, with yellow input belts for materials, outputting 0.75 packs per second. This design is easilly upgradeable by ...
Factorio Workshop - Building A Better Factory :: Durenti's Steel Smelter Design
As your factory grows one also becomes increasingly focused on improving the efficiency of everything,
Concept reflection of what Factorio would feel like in real life from my perspective (Magic Circle).
It's possible to update the information on Factorio or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam.
Lets Play Factorio S6E04 - Modular design for Basic Electronic Circuits
Screenshot from Factorio
Scroll to see more. SmokedShip . Concept Designer ...
Early Game 1 per second Science Packs 1, 2, and 3
Devices of GUI design of game "Factorio" that started with "right button or left button" problem
Bentham's Factorio Tips: Production line design
Use your imagination to design your factory, combine simple elements into ingenious structures, and finally protect it from the creatures who don't really ...